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Glenn Pannell, known as New Yorker Glenn Pannell has been using his striking resemblance to Pence to ask for donations for causes including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights - in a show of opposition to the politician's conservative track record against gay rights and abortion. Dressed in a red-striped tie, shirt and dark blue blazer on top and nothing but short shorts below, Pannell has dubbed his alter-ego "Mike Hot-Pence". The openly gay graphic designer said he has collected some $2,300 over the last two weekends while staging his one-man protest. "The charities that I am choosing to raise money for have definitely been based on Pence's track record," Pannell, 51, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview. "Those charities will really need a lot of help (with Pence as vice president) ... and so I am hitting back now with Mike Hot-Pence." Recipients of the funds have included the Trevor Project, a nationwide suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth, as well as women's healthcare provider Planned Parenthood. Many LGBT rights activists are wary of Pence's years of opposition to gay rights, including as governor of Indiana. And as a vocal abortion opponent, Pence has pushed for Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood, which performs some abortions. Friends first noticed Pannell's resemblance to Pence last summer, a coincidence that became cause for laughter with the campaign for the U.S. presidency then in full swing, he said. "And then the election happened and laughing stopped." Pannell said the results of the Nov.

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(Source: KLTV Staff) "People think they are following under one of the acts ends up crossing over into the illegal gambling by the way or the manner in which they accept money, pay out money," Toler said. Police said that in some of these gambling locations they are seeing an increase in illegal drug use, thefts and burglaries; they hope their crackdown will make their community a safer place. Police said that people caught playing one of these illegal gamescould be charged with a misdemeanor crime. An arrested could occur, but in most cases,a citation is issued. Copyright 2016 KLTV . All rights reserved. Tuesday, December 13 2016 10:40 PM EST2016-12-14 03:40:17 GMT (Source: KLTV Staff) The Tyler city council will vote Wednesday on whether or not to extend food truck parking times from four to six hours. Updated: Tuesday, December 13 2016 8:11 PM EST2016-12-14 01:11:02 GMT Counselor Phil Armour says if it feels like theft it probably is. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV. Some are calling these slight infractions, like eating a grape from the produce section without paying for it, micro crimes.

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